FCC regulations have mandated that TV stations and wireless microphones must now operate in 1/3 the airspace that was previously allowed. Give your wireless microphones the best chance of trouble free operation
Marty Pietz
Part 74 License Protection
The Part 74 License gives you protected frequencies to operate your wireless microphones, in ear monitors, instrument links and wireless comms.
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We handle the FCC paperwork, manage your frequency, and maintain 7/24 phone support for you, the event operator. Have licensed protection for your event in minutes
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The RF Spectrum
The RF Spectrum available to operate your Wireless Microphones is shrinking….
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Find the best place to operate your wireless microphones.
 CNK Engineering can help you get the best performance from your existing equipment and plan for the best way to transition to new equipment after the spectrum auction.
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Make your wireless better
Decades of RF engineering creating reliable communications equipment for military and space applications are behind CNK Engineering’s  RF solutions.
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Our equipment is designed to be drop in compatible with your existing FM and Digital UHF wireless microphones and instrument link equipment.
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Microsoft announced that they are rolling out their White Space device initiative for internet access.

Click Here for NY Times Article

Microsoft announced that they are rolling out their White Space device initiative for internet access. This uses the same unlicensed (part 15) TV channels that you must operate your unlicensed wireless microphones in. These devices are powerful with a range of up to 10 miles and will make your wireless microphones unable to operate reliably. The devices are required to access the Part 74 license database before they transmit and if your wireless microphone is registered, they cannot transmit on your licensed frequency. If your wireless microphones are operating unlicensed under Part 15 it does not show up in the licensed database and the White Space device could transmit on or near the same frequency you are operating on and your wireless microphone could experience interference. Just as the article states, if your wireless microphone is not licensed, it is operating on an unused TV channel as far as the White Space device is concerned. Folks, this is serious. The Microsoft White Space Devices along with T Mobile’s new 600 Megahertz service will rapidly make it very difficult for you to operate wireless microphones as Part 15 unlicensed devices. T Mobile has announced their new 600 Megahertz phones will be on the market for Christmas 2017. The scramble to get spectrum to operate wireless equipment, including your wireless microphones, is full speed ahead and unlicensed microphones will get whatever scraps are left.
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